Workshop presentation

In this workshop, bootstrapping technique is presented both in theory and in practice using Python programming language.

This workshop will cover these topics:

  1. What is bootstrap?
  2. Calculating the standard error of an estimate
  3. Calculating 95% confidence interval
  4. Calculating standard error of the coefficients of a linear regression
  5. Calculating the standard error of performance metrics of a supervised model

How will the workshop take place?

This workshop will be given remotely and streaming using LiveWebinar platform, which works on every updated internet browser. No installation is then required.

The duration is about 60 minutes.

The speaker will show some slides for the theoretical part of the content and will write code during the event using Google Colaboratory for the practical part.

Participants can engage with the teacher and the other students using the online chat function near the video on the event page.

The event will be recorded. The recording and the source code written by the speaker will be given to the participants.

What will I get once I join the workshop?

After you pay the registration fee, you'll get:

  1. Access to the workshop according to the time schedule
  2. Access to an area on this website where you'll find the recording of the live session and other files and contents that the teacher may give you
  3. Attendance certificate if you attend the entire live session of the workshop

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What people say about me

Giuseppe Dejan Lucido (Webinar attendee)

Gianluca is a great and passionate professionist and he really master all the concepts he explain. Absolutely recommended!

Kromwell Dane Capiña (Webinar attendee)

It broaden my knowledge and the Q.A helps me a lot to understand the Data-science. I am still newbie and studying about machine learning

Bobric Elena-Diana (Webinar attendee)

it is very interesting what you presented and I would like to participate in the following courses.

Milena (Webinar attendee)

The webinar was very interesting and useful. I studied a lot of new things which I didn't know. The teacher explained everything clearly. Milena

General information

After paying the registration fee, participants will be able to access a web page with the link to the live event. At the scheduled date and time, attendees must click on that link to attend the event. Some e-mail reminders may be sent to the participants before the event starts.

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During the event, a paid product of the teacher’s may be presented with a time-limited discount coupon.

At the end of the event, participants will be asked to fill a short form with their name and a short survey. The name will be used to create the certificate of attendance that will be sent via e-mail to the participants within a few days.

What if I pay for the registration but can't join the event?

The event is recorded and every paying participant will be able to view the recording in a proper area of this website, even if the participant hasn't been able to attend the live event.

Please note that the certificate of attendance will be given only to participants that will attend the live session until it ends.

What if I change my mind about my purchase?

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Your Instructor

My name is Gianluca Malato, I'm Italian and have a Master's Degree cum laude in Theoretical Physics of disordered systems at "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

I'm a Data Scientist who has been working for years in the banking and insurance sector. I have extensive experience in software programming and project management and I have been dealing with data analysis and machine learning in the corporate environment for several years.

I am also skilled in data analysis (e.g. relational databases and SQL language), numerical algorithms (e.g. ODE integration, optimization algorithtms) and simulation (e.g. Monte Carlo techniques).

I've written many articles about Machine Learning, R and Python and I've been a Top Writer on in Artificial Intelligence category.

General rules

Paying the registration fee, the participant agrees to the following rules:

  • Access to the event is restricted to registered attendees only. The participation of other attendees is therefore not allowed.
  • LiveWebinar link use is restricted to registered attendees only. So, it is forbidden to give it to anybody else or publish it anywhere.
  • The event is recorded and the recording of the live session, including the live chat and the names of the participants, will be given to all the registered participants.
  • Participants must not distribute any file and content given to them during or after the end of the event.
  • Participants are asked to join the event 5-10 minutes early to be sure to attend it from the beginning.
  • Attendees are required to maintain a behavior that ensures a peaceful carrying out of the event, paying attention and intervening in a polite and orderly manner in the ways indicated by the speaker. Any interference with the lessons and any disruptive action will cause the attendee to be permanently removed from the event losing the right to be refunded.

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Purchasing this registration, the student agrees to lose the right to get a refund after attending the event.